I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it many more times.  I am a terrible blogger!  I did make some changes and updates here today though.  Click on the titles shown under my car above to see the galleries of my colored pencil, mixed media, and watercolor artwork and my quilts.


Collard-Greens.SoldMy quilt, Collard Greens is going to a new home. It will hang at the Jones-Carter Gallery in Lake City, SC through March 5th with the show Masterworks of the Artisans of The South Carolina Cotton Trail.

The Studio

Is up and running!  I need to get the photos off of my phone so I can post some here.  Everything is done – except for the storage closet.  The contractor we had lined up to do that said he couldn’t come until September, so we (meaning my husband David) is going to be doing it.  Today he is going to start working on putting the two doors together and later, weather permitting I will paint the barn door hardware.  Meanwhile, I’m working on the 1st of three quilts for the Fly Me To The Moon exhibit and quilting the Swamp Fox Quilt Guild’s raffle quilt.  Life is good!

More progress

Yesterday was a very productive day in The Studio. The electrician got the exterior lights up, the outside and inside receptacles, and the boxes for the fans. The contractors got the metal wall in place except for one panel. Today all of that should be finished up. That will leave the storage closet and design wall doors…and moving in!

The Floor…

When we started talking about converting a storage garage into my studio, I decided I wanted to keep the cement floors, but wanted to add some color.  After searching the web and Pinterest I came across transparent concrete stains.  I found a picture of a floor I liked but finding a contractor was not as easy.  Finally the folks at Sherwin Williams here in Hartsville gave me the contact info for Cosmetic Concrete LLC.  I am so thrilled with the end result.  These pictures do not do the actual floor justice.

Thank you Jamie and Gilbert of Cosmetic Concrete LLC., I am thrilled with the results!

More Progress on the studio today

This morning the beams that will support the sliding design wall doors, the baseboard and window trim and the wall material was delivered.  Then the insulation contractor came and blew in the ceiling insulation.  The wall insulation may get done later today or tomorrow.  AND the AC unit is going to be installed either today or tomorrow.   The floor is scheduled to be done at the end of the month.   The lights (there are eleven fixtures with four 4000K led bulbs in each – it’s going to be BRIGHT in there!) have been ordered,  the sliding door hardware has been ordered.  So progress is being made!


Insulation for the ceiling.

More Progress

The Studio is moving right along.  The brick on the front has been completed and the bead board for the ceiling has all been painted.  The HVAC lines have been run and the interior electric is in.  Next step the ceiling will be installed, then lights, insulation and walls. Then the floor!