I traveled to Charlotte NC last week to attend a workshop taught by Sarah Ann Smith.  I have “known” Sarah online for many, many years, and had the pleasure of meeting her in person a few years ago when Deirdre Abbotts and I traveled to Fall River, MA and had dinner with Sarah.  You never know about workshops…will there be “one of those” students?  Will the teacher actually teach you something?  Will you find out you really don’t like the technique being taught?  This workshop was WONDERFUL!  I can’t say enough about Sarah’s ability to keep the class engaged for three days, offering helpful suggestions and gentile critique.  My sister actually went with me, which made the experience that much more enjoyable.

This is my result from day 2 of the 2 day workshop:daylilly


And on day 3, which was actually a separate one day workshop on thread painting in which we learned the techniques for adding shape, shading and texture to our designs, only we did it on a photo that Sarah had printed onto the fabric at Spoonflower – what a great idea!  (Note to self:  remember to try that with the pinecone project!)


And of course the required picture of the two of us



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